Clever Fon Beta is now open

Clever Fon is now in beta. Test drive it for free and let us know what you think about it.

With Clever Fon for Android, you can equip your AVM Fritz!Box with the full power of the Clever Dialer spam protection. You can find more information about Clever Fon here

Clever Fon does not recognise my Fritz!Box

If your Fritz!Box is not recognised by Clever Fon, this can be due to various reasons:

  1. Your mobile phone must be connected to the WiFi of your Fritz!Box
  2. The software of your Fritz!Box is out of date. Please install the latest version on your Fritz!Box:
    • To do this, open the Fritz!Box user interface by entering “http://fritz.box” in your Internet browser.
    • Click on “Wizard”
    • Start the “Update” or “Update Firmware” wizard.
  3. Restart your Fritz!Box. In many cases this has already helped
  4. In order for Clever Fon to access your Fritz!Box, the TR064 interface must be activated. If TR-064 is not active, you can easily activate it via the FRITZ!Box interface. Here we explain how that works.

How do I activate the TR064 interface on my Fritz!Box?

TR-064 is activated on FRITZ!Box devices from FRITZ!OS 5.5x onwards when delivered. This is also the case for devices provided by Internet providers such as UnityMedia, KabelBW, 1&1, etc.

If TR-064 is not active, this can be easily changed via the FRITZ!Box user interface:

  • To do this, open the Fritz!Box user interface by entering “http://fritz.box” in your Internet browser
  • Navigate to Home Network > Home Network Overview (or Network) > Network Settings
  • Under Home Network Shares you will find the option “Allow access for applications
  • Activate the checkbox next to the option “Allow access for applications”
  • Restart your Fritz!Box. Only then will the change become active

If the option is not present, you cannot activate TR064 on this Fritz!Box.

How do I set up spam protection on my Fritz!Box?

After you have downloaded and installed the Clever Fon App from the Google Play Store, establish a connection between your mobile phone and your Fritz!Box. Make sure that your mobile phone is in the same Wi-Fi network as your landline phone.

Your Fritz!Box is now displayed in the Clever Fon App.

To establish a connection between your mobile phone and the Fritz!Box, select your Fritz!Box in the list.

Then enter the device password.
Attention: Do not use the Wi-Fi password.

After that, you only have to synchronize the list of spam phone numbers with your Fritz!Box.

My Fritz!Box did not warn me from a spam call

New spam numbers are added all the time. It is possible that the phone number from which you received a spam call is not yet included in our spam directory. With a corresponding negative rating of the phone number on our websites https://www.cleverdialer.de, https://www.cleverdialer.co.uk and https://www.cleverdialer.com or in the Clever Dialer app for Android mobile phones, you can contribute significantly to further improving the quality of spam detection.

My Fritz!Box does not seem to be compatible

If the Clever Fon App shows that your Fritz!Box is incompatible, that’s probably because it doesn’t meet the necessary technical requirements. It could be that the phone book function is not supported. Your Fritz!Box is probably a little older, or a cut-down model without the necessary phone book function. It may help to update your Fritz!Box with the latest software update:

Open the Fritz!Box user interface. To do this, enter “http://fritz.box” in your Internet browser.
– Click on “Assistant
– Start “Update” or “Update Firmware”.

If your repeater is shown as incompatible, that’s because repeaters don’t support phone books. However, you should still be able to connect your Fritz!Box.

My repeater is shown as incompatible

Repeaters do not support phonebooks and are therefore shown as incompatible in the Clever Fon App. However, you should still be able to connect your Fritz!Box.

The password entered is not correct

In order for Clever Fon to connect to your Fritz!Box, you must enter the password for the Fritz!Box user interface.

Note: Do NOT enter the WLAN password here.

If you did not configure the password yourself when you set up your Fritz!Box, try “0000”. That is usually stored as the default password.