Do I need an internet connection to use Clever Dialer?

The spam protection in both iOS and Android in general works even without an internet connection. The phone should be able to connect to the internet every now and then to give the app the chance to download the latest spam numbers. To provide caller identification (caller ID) the app needs an internet connection to be able to access various directories.

How does Clever Dialer manage privacy?

Clever Dialer only transfers data which is necessary to provide the advertised services. 

This data includes, for example: 

  • Phone number of the caller or callee (to identify the phone number)
  • Date of the call
  • Country
  • Spam call (yes/no)

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and strictly adhere to the rules of the Data Protection Act. In no case will the data collected be sold or otherwise disclosed to third parties.

How does the spam detection work?

It is mostly in the power of the Clever Dialer users to classify a phone number as spam. The users can rate the seriousness of a phone number on a scale from one star to five stars. One star signifies that the phone number is with a high probability untrustworthy. Five stars signify high trustworthiness. Whether Clever Dialer issues a warning against a phone number depends on various signals. The most significant signal is the number of users who rated a number as spam.

Positive ratings can compensate negative assessments. This is important to prevent the abuse of the rating system.

I would like to block spam automatically!

Clever Dialer PRO (available for a fee) allows you to block incoming spam calls automatically. You are not bothered by these annoying calls any more. Clever Dialer PRO also removes all ads. 

Clever Dialer PRO is a subscription which can be canceled monthly via the Google Play Store. It comes with a 7 day free trial period. 

Why are some phone numbers not identified?

The caller ID of Clever Dialer is based on public directories. If we cannot find a phone number in one of our sources, we cannot identify the caller.

Another reason Clever Dialer cannot identify an incoming call might be that the caller has deliberately suppressed his phone number. The phone then shows information like “private” or “unknown number”. In these cases it is technically impossible to get the phone number and identify the caller. No app can identify suppressed numbers.

Why do I have rate phone numbers?

Our spam database is mostly fed by users who report spam calls. We process these reports and when we have enough signals for one phone number, we mark it as spam. From this moment on Clever Dialer will warn all users from this number or the calls can be blocked automatically (Clever Dialer PRO). This is why rating numbers is so important. 
You cannot only report a number as spam. Why not give the caller a good rating if he delivered good service? 🙂

Why do I have to answer so many questions?

If you do not want to, you do not have to answer any question. They are purely optional. You can exit the inquiry process at any time by touching the back arrow in the upper left corner. All answers you gave to this point will not be lost. By answering the questions you contribute significantly to improving the spam detection service for all Clever Dialer users. 

Why does information about a caller only show up after I finished the call?

If Clever Dialer can identify a call, it shows this directly when the call comes in. This is what it would look like:

If the app does not show this information, it can be for various reasons.

Feature has not been enabled in settings

In the settings of Clever Dialer there is heading that says Information before a call. There you can choose from various options what the app should show you for incoming calls.

If everything there is set correctly and you still do not see any information for incoming calls, it might have another reason.

Missing permission

In this case the information will not be shown because Clever Dialer lacks a permission essential for this feature.

The solution to this problem is a bit harder to describe, because the settings differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Samsung example

For most Samsung devices follow these steps:

Open Settings

Select Apps

Choose Clever Dialer

Scroll down to Advanced

Choose Apps that can appear on top

Enable Allow permissions

Motorola example

For most Motorola devices follow these steps:

Open Settings

Select Apps & notifications

Choose Clever Dialer

Select Advanced

Choose Display over other apps

Enable Allow display over other apps

Why doesn’t my Huawei Smartphone warn me from spam calls?

Huawei smartphones are popular and widely used among Clever Dialer users. Unfortunately, they all have one annoying feature: Without asking you, they aggressively close apps as soon as you lock the screen to save battery, including apps that may need to run in the background. This means: Your Huawei smartphone deactivates the Clever Dialer app that you installed for protection. Therefore, you cannot be reliably warned from spam calls. Antivirus apps, parental controls, fitness or GPS navigation apps are also affected.

But there is hope! You can prevent your Huawei smartphone from closing apps even if you lock the screen.

Here we go:

Step 1.

Unlock your Huawei smartphone and open the Settings app

Tap on the Battery setting category








Step 2.

Here open the App launch category









Step 3.

Simply flip the switch to set up manual management of the Clever Dialer app









Step 4.

To fix all problems, we recommend to allow the Clever Dialer app to run all three activities
1. Auto-launch 
2. Secondary launch 
3. Run in background







This is how it should look like. You’ve made it!










From now on, the Clever Dialer app will always run in the background, even if you lock your smartphone screen.

On what Huawei smartphones does it work?
This tutorial has been successfully tested on a Huawei P10 Plus. It should work on ALL Huawei smartphones that have EMUI version 8 or later with Android 8 Oreo. This includes the following models: Huawei P10, Huawei P20 Pro, Huawei P20 Lite and the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 20 family.

If these instructions did not help, you can take a look at https://dontkillmyapp.com/huawei.

If you have any questions, please contact support@cleverdialer.com
It helps if you indicate which Huawei device you are using and which Android and EMUI version is installed on it.

Why doesn’t my Samsung smartphone warn me from spam calls?

From time to time, a notification will appear on your Samsung smartphone telling you that “X apps running in the background have been put to sleep to save power.” However, this sleep mode is critical for apps such as Clever Dialer, because “sleeping” apps do not receive any updates (for Clever Dialer this would be the spam number update) and will only be reactivated when you open the app. The Clever Dialer app, for example, does not reactivate if you get a spam call. Just because you don’t open the Clever Dialer app over and over doesn’t mean that you don’t want to receive spam warnings, though. Samsung makes this rather aggressive decision for you and puts apps in a coma that run in the background without even asking you.

Antivirus apps, parental controls, fitness or GPS navigation apps can also be affected.

Our recommendation therefore is crystal clear: Deactivate this feature in order to get sovereignty back on your phone.

What can you do about it?

Step 1

Unlock your phone and open the Settings app

Tap on Device care








Step 2

Here press the Battery button









Step 3

Tap on the 3 dots >> Settings









Step 4

Switch off the functions Put unused apps to sleep and Auto disable unused apps.
Simply flip the corresponding switches








This is how it should look like!
You’ve made it









From now on, the Clever Dialer app will always run in the background.

Which Samsung smartphones does it work on?
This tutorial was successfully tested on a Samsung Galaxy S8. It should work on ALL Samsung smartphones with at least Android 8 installed.
This includes the following models: Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S10.

On other Samsung devices, the path could also look like this:
Settings >> Applications >> 3-dot-menu (top right corner) >> Special access >> Optimize battery usage> Find Clever Dialer on the list and make sure that it is not selected

If these instructions did not help, you can take a look at https://dontkillmyapp.com/samsung.

If you have any questions, please contact: support@cleverdialer.com
It helps if you indicate which Samsung device you are using and which Android version is installed on it.

Why doesn’t my Xiaomi smartphone warn me from spam calls?

There are apps that have to work permanently in the background in order to do their job. This includes the smart control of the heating system via app as well as navigation or podcast apps. Spotify is also affected and the worst thing of all… Here it comes: Your mobile phone doesn’t warn you from spam calls, even though you have the Clever Dialer app installed. The reason for this is that your Xiaomi smartphone simply quits all background apps after a certain amount of time without asking you for permission. Xiaomi phones, at least those with MIUI customization, are probably most aggressive when it comes to patronizing the user. Outrageous! We have to do something about that. This tutorial will help you.

What can you do about it?

Granted, there are some steps to be taken. But at no point are they complicated, and we describe them here as precisely as possible.
So don’t let yourself get carried away. You can do it. We believe in you!

Here we go:

Step 1:

– Unlock your phone and open the app Settings

– Then tap Apps








Step 2:

Tap Manage apps









Step 3:

Open the entry Clever Dialer









Step 4:
Now it gets exciting

– Move the switch at Autostart so that it is activated, as shown in the picture

– Press Battery saver







Step 5:

– Here activate No restrictions

– Then go back to the previous page using the arrow in the upper left corner








Step 6:

Open Other permissions









Step 7:

Activate the following options by tapping and accepting them

– Show on Lock screen
– Display pop-up windows while running in the background
– Display pop-up window

Believe it or not, at least here we are finally finished.
One last, but no less important task awaits you…





Step 8:

Open the overview of running applications (with the square icon at the bottom of your screen)
Important: Clever Dialer must of course run in the background

Depending on which Xiaomi you use, you must now either
– tap the Clever Dialer app with your finger, hold it and pull it all the way down, or
– you press long (1 to 2 seconds probably) on the Clever Dialer miniature, which opens a menu (see picture). Press the lock icon here.

This will lock the Clever Dialer app, so that from now on you and no longer your smartphone have control over the app.




We hope this tutorial will help you a lot. May the Force be with you!

If this tutorial did not help you, you can have a look at https://dontkillmyapp.com/xiaomi.

If you have any questions please contact: support@cleverdialer.com
It helps us if you indicate which Xiaomi device you are using and which Android and MIUI version is installed on it.