Clever Fon does not recognise my Fritz!Box

If your Fritz!Box is not recognised by Clever Fon, this can be due to various reasons:

  1. Your mobile phone must be connected to the WiFi of your Fritz!Box
  2. The software of your Fritz!Box is out of date. Please install the latest version on your Fritz!Box:
    • To do this, open the Fritz!Box user interface by entering “” in your Internet browser.
    • Click on “Wizard”
    • Start the “Update” or “Update Firmware” wizard.
  3. Restart your Fritz!Box. In many cases this has already helped
  4. In order for Clever Fon to access your Fritz!Box, the TR064 interface must be activated. If TR-064 is not active, you can easily activate it via the FRITZ!Box interface. Here we explain how that works.