How do I activate the TR064 interface on my Fritz!Box?

TR-064 is activated on FRITZ!Box devices from FRITZ!OS 5.5x onwards when delivered. This is also the case for devices provided by Internet providers such as UnityMedia, KabelBW, 1&1, etc.

If TR-064 is not active, this can be easily changed via the FRITZ!Box user interface:

  • To do this, open the Fritz!Box user interface by entering “” in your Internet browser
  • Navigate to Home Network > Home Network Overview (or Network) > Network Settings
  • Under Home Network Shares you will find the option “Allow access for applications
  • Activate the checkbox next to the option “Allow access for applications”
  • Restart your Fritz!Box. Only then will the change become active

If the option is not present, you cannot activate TR064 on this Fritz!Box.