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Clever Dialer Claim Caller identfication and call blocking

Don’t leave phone spam a chance!

  • Warns from annoying telemarketing calls
  • Protects from spam calls
  • Blocks unsolicited phone calls
  • Gives you back control over your phone
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Caller identfication and call blocking

Clever Dialer caller ID is the easiest solution to identify unrecognised callers and to block them. Protect yourself now actively from spam and unsolicited phone calls.


Stops phone terror

Spam calls are ubiquitous and not only annoying but sometimes even dangerous. With Clever Dialer spam callers don't stand a chance. 


Inverse search

Ask Alexa who called you and protect yourself from expensive call-backs. Our Clever Dialer Alexa Skill has one of the most comprehensive databases of phone numbers from advertisers, telemarketing agencies, call centers, etc.


Anrufblockierung (Beta)

Mit Clever Fon ist der bewährte Clever Dialer Spam-Schutz jetzt auch für Fritz!Box verfügbar. Die kostenlose Beta-Phase hat begonnen. Jetzt testen!


Our partner program

Our Clever Dialer SDK makes directory apps and CRMs more engaging and increases the reach significantly.


Always up-to-date contact lists

Clever Dialer provides one of the largest databases for inverse search. No matter if spam number or business phone number, our websites will help you.