Why does information about a caller only show up after I finished the call?

If Clever Dialer can identify a call, it shows this directly when the call comes in. This is what it would look like:

If the app does not show this information, it can be for various reasons.

Feature has not been enabled in settings

In the settings of Clever Dialer there is heading that says Information before a call. There you can choose from various options what the app should show you for incoming calls.

If everything there is set correctly and you still do not see any information for incoming calls, it might have another reason.

Missing permission

In this case the information will not be shown because Clever Dialer lacks a permission essential for this feature.

The solution to this problem is a bit harder to describe, because the settings differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Samsung example

For most Samsung devices follow these steps:

Open Settings

Select Apps

Choose Clever Dialer

Scroll down to Advanced

Choose Apps that can appear on top

Enable Allow permissions

Motorola example

For most Motorola devices follow these steps:

Open Settings

Select Apps & notifications

Choose Clever Dialer

Select Advanced

Choose Display over other apps

Enable Allow display over other apps

How does Clever Dialer manage privacy?

Clever Dialer only transfers data which is necessary to provide the advertised services. 

This data includes, for example: 

  • Phone number of the caller or callee (to identify the phone number)
  • Date of the call
  • Country
  • Spam call (yes/no)

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and strictly adhere to the rules of the Data Protection Act. In no case will the data collected be sold or otherwise disclosed to third parties.

I would like to block spam automatically!

Clever Dialer PRO (available for a fee) allows you to block incoming spam calls automatically. You are not bothered by these annoying calls any more. Clever Dialer PRO also removes all ads. 

Clever Dialer PRO is a subscription which can be canceled monthly via the Google Play Store. It comes with a 7 day free trial period. 

Why do I have to answer so many questions?

If you do not want to, you do not have to answer any question. They are purely optional. You can exit the inquiry process at any time by touching the back arrow in the upper left corner. All answers you gave to this point will not be lost. By answering the questions you contribute significantly to improving the spam detection service for all Clever Dialer users. 

Why do I have rate phone numbers?

Our spam database is mostly fed by users who report spam calls. We process these reports and when we have enough signals for one phone number, we mark it as spam. From this moment on Clever Dialer will warn all users from this number or the calls can be blocked automatically (Clever Dialer PRO). This is why rating numbers is so important. 
You cannot only report a number as spam. Why not give the caller a good rating if he delivered good service? 🙂

Why are some phone numbers not identified?

The caller ID of Clever Dialer is based on public directories. If we cannot find a phone number in one of our sources, we cannot identify the caller.

Another reason Clever Dialer cannot identify an incoming call might be that the caller has deliberately suppressed his phone number. The phone then shows information like “private” or “unknown number”. In these cases it is technically impossible to get the phone number and identify the caller. No app can identify suppressed numbers.

How does the spam detection work?

It is mostly in the power of the Clever Dialer users to classify a phone number as spam. The users can rate the seriousness of a phone number on a scale from one star to five stars. One star signifies that the phone number is with a high probability untrustworthy. Five stars signify high trustworthiness. Whether Clever Dialer issues a warning against a phone number depends on various signals. The most significant signal is the number of users who rated a number as spam.

Positive ratings can compensate negative assessments. This is important to prevent the abuse of the rating system.

Do I need an internet connection to use Clever Dialer?

The spam protection in both iOS and Android in general works even without an internet connection. The phone should be able to connect to the internet every now and then to give the app the chance to download the latest spam numbers. To provide caller identification (caller ID) the app needs an internet connection to be able to access various directories.