The spam protection cannot be updated

If the update of spam protection fails, it may be due to the essential iPhone setting “Block & Identify Calls” being disabled in the background, possibly by an iOS update. This is due to the iPhone’s security structure, which we cannot influence. Other iOS apps requiring this setting face the same issue.

Please check the app Settings >> Phone >> Call Blocking & Identification to see if Clever Dialer can be reactivated. (See description)
If the switch shows a loading icon and cannot be activated, it is crucial to have this switch enabled for Clever Dialer to work.

To fix this issue, please follow these steps:

  • Turn off your iPhone via Settings >> General >> Switch Off
  • Wait 5 minutes, better 15, before turning it back on
  • Reinstall Clever Dialer

This should allow the switch in the iPhone settings to be activated again.