Why does Clever Dialer needs access to contacts?

The following functions require read access to your contacts

Show contacts

Clever Dialer offers a comprehensive overview of your contacts with some additional functions. For example, we can show which of your contacts offers online bookings (*).
* Currently, only available in selected countries

Contact details in the call history

So that you can see who has called you, the names of your contacts are added to the call history.

Caller ID

Caller ID can display the names of your contacts. This also applies to information that is shown after the call.

Add speed dial entries

Speed dial entries can be added directly from your contacts. We need access to the contacts to display them.

Online booking (*)

To show you whether e.g. your hairdresser offers online bookings, we transfer the phone number to our web service and return the result to the app. These phone numbers are not stored outside your mobile phone.
* Currently, only available in selected countries

Data privacy

As you can read in our privacy policy, we do not store any information from your contacts on our platform at any time. This is very important to us and distinguishes us from many other providers who are often less sensitive with their user’s data. If you have any questions about data protection at Clever Dialer, we will be happy to answer them at: privacy@cleverdialer.com

The following functions require write access to your contacts

Deleting contacts

If you ever want to delete an entry from the contact list, the app needs write access to the contacts. Otherwise, deletion is not possible.

Adding and deleting speed dial entries

To add entries to your speed dial, you need write access to the contacts. This is also the case if you ever want to remove a contact from your speed dial.