Why does information about a caller only show up after I finished the call?

If Clever Dialer can identify a call, it shows this directly when the call comes in. This is what it would look like:

If the app does not show this information, it can be for various reasons.

Feature has not been enabled in settings

In the settings of Clever Dialer there is heading that says Information before a call. There you can choose from various options what the app should show you for incoming calls.

If everything there is set correctly and you still do not see any information for incoming calls, it might have another reason.

Missing permission

In this case the information will not be shown because Clever Dialer lacks a permission essential for this feature.

The solution to this problem is a bit harder to describe, because the settings differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Samsung example

For most Samsung devices follow these steps:

Open Settings

Select Apps

Choose Clever Dialer

Scroll down to Advanced

Choose Apps that can appear on top

Enable Allow permissions

Motorola example

For most Motorola devices follow these steps:

Open Settings

Select Apps & notifications

Choose Clever Dialer

Select Advanced

Choose Display over other apps

Enable Allow display over other apps